Brown-Lupton Health Center
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TCU Pharmacy

TCU Health Center Pharmacy offers a convenient location, competitive pricing, and a strong commitment to patient education and service.

The TCU Pharmacy can fill any valid prescription written by a healthcare provider licensed to practice in the U.S. We provide students with the same insurance co-pays and savings as other pharmacies, but with the added convenience of “send home” charges on the student’s account. Cash and checks are also accepted.

The Pharmacy provides individual patient counseling including dosage instructions, potential side effects, and drug interactions. Pharmacy staff can also help students choose the best over-the-counter medications.

Pharmacy Staff

Frank Calhoon

Frank Calhoon, RPh.

Frank has over 40 years of pharmacy experience including 33 years in college health.

Jane Gartenhaus, RPh

Jeannine Calhoon, CPhT

Peggy Castro, CPhT

Pharmacy Hours

Summer Hours

Monday - Friday
11AM - 5PM
Closed 12PM - 1PM

Holiday Closings

Memorial Day
Independence Day

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